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What is Banner Blindness or Banner Poisoning

what is banner blindness or banner poisoning

As online advertising expands, marketers are increasing the ways in which they advertise to potential clients. Today more than ever, consumers are exposed to thousands of ads a day. When online, one cannot help but come across several hundred ads on a typical browsing day. What happens is that people begin to become “blind” to these ads. We have been overexposed to banner ads online and have become disillusioned by the ads that we encounter when browsing. In addition, we also have learned to filter out those ads that seem less credible or pop ups which might accidentally detract us from the site we are trying to reach, so we are essentially “poisoned” by these types of ads because they teach us to become mistrustful of the ads that do catch their attention.

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Five Ways to Make Your Banner Ad More Effective

5 ways to make your banner ad more effective


Interactive online marketing is more likely to increase a company’s interaction rate and click through rate; but is it truly an effective form of advertising? Many online browsers are becoming blind to online ads because of the amount of overexposure that they have had to banner ads. In fact, one study found that as many as 43% of consumers ignore online display ads.

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What is Programmatic Buying?

what is programmatic buying?


This year has been the year of programmatic. Your coworkers talk about it, you’ve seen it on almost all marketing websites you visit, you’ve heard the term so many times but you still don’t really know what it means. Programmatic buying has been growing so fast that eMarketer predicts that advertisers in the US will spend $3.36 billion on “real-time bidding” this year.

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How Fortune 500 Companies Use Instagram

how fortune 500 companies use instagram

Is your company on Instagram yet? Instagram, known for its highly visual content, is a great tool for brides and brides-to-be! The bridal demographic these days love to look at pictures for inspiration and to repost. Not only is it great for brides, but the network itself is one of the biggest social media companies. It’s so easy for users to look at photos or videos as they scroll down their newsfeed and “like” or comment on some of the photos. If you’re a start up, mid-level, or major company, you should have an account to reach this demographic.

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4 Tips For Using LinkedIn For Lead Generation

4 tips for using linkedin for lead generation

Does your company have a LinkedIn profile? Do you use it for generating leads? LinkedIn has been going through massive changes lately, from the integration of CRM features to managing contacts and scheduling reminders; to the purchase of Slideshare and Pulse, a talent pipeline feature for recruiters; to the removal of “Top Trending” articles in favor of exclusive influencer content.

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Introducing BridalPulse.com


BrideClick has recently launched a new desktop site that aggregates top bridal bloggers’ content and inspiration and brings them all together in one place. BridalPulse allows brides to find the latest wedding information and trends, organized into popular categories such as Real Weddings, Fashion & Beauty, and Honeymoons. BridalPulse has resources for every kind of wedding, and every type of bride – whether they’re planning an extravagant affair or a private elopement in their backyard.

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10 Pinterest Metrics You Should Be Tracking

pinterest metrics marketers should consider tracking

A lot of businesses are flocking to Pinterest to reach a new visual audience. Building a Pinterest campaign and creating visually aesthetic pinboards are the easy part, but finding out what metrics you should be tracking to quantify how great your Pins are doing can be a bit difficult.

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All About The #Hashtag

what's a hashtag and how do i use it?

If you’re a social media user, it’s important to learn what hashtags are and how to use them. You’ve seen them everywhere but you’re not sure what’s the best practice to get the most out of your hashtag. Hashtags have a pound sign (#) in front of a term which becomes a searchable link that allows you to see organized content of what everyone in that social network is talking about. Here’s a perfect example: let’s say you’re watching last year’s #SuperBowl and you were on Twitter. While on Twitter, you were able to see everyone’s tweets that took place during the blackout, halftime show and even the popular commercials.

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Why Businesses Are Flocking to Pinterest

brideclick wedding pinterest

Businesses today are overwhelmed with social media marketing platform choices. Most of them assume that by being on Facebook and Twitter, they have covered every base for social media. However, the visual internet is here and it’s been doing a lot better than anything else! 300 million photos are uploaded on Facebook every day, Etsy gets 100,000 pins daily on Pinterest, and on Twitter, Tweeters share and retweet images more than anything else. With the increase of mobile devices containing camera, this means that consumers can snap an image at any point and easily share it to a broad audience via social media, text and email. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are perfect or those who want to visually engage their audience.

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