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blog posts published on weekends get more social shares

Check this out bloggers and marketers: a new study shows that blog posts published on weekends get more social shares than those published on weekdays! One of the greatest struggles next to writing a great blog post is knowing when to post it so that it gets more engagement. TrackMaven answered this question for you in its latest study, with findings published in the “Colossal Content Marketing Report”

They found that when it comes to publishing posts, 87% of the 4,500+ blogs analyzed posted Monday through Friday. But the 13% who chose to post on weekends experienced the most social shares.

Blog Readers Are More Engaged Outside Of Work Hours

The study suggests a disconnect from when brands publish to when their audience actually gets around to reading the blog post. It shows that users are more engaged outside of US work hours, so blog posts published between 9pm and midnight ET saw the most social shares with 10pm to 11pm as the highest point of engagement.

blog posting frequency and social shares based on time of day

It should be noted that no matter what your blog content is – leisure hours are readers’ preferred time to read, reflect, and share the content. Just because your content is education or work related, doesn’t mean it should be posted during working hours. Users will simply have no time to read it!

I should also be noted that asking a question in a blog title causes more social shares! The study shows that the 5% of blog titles that included a single question mark saw 46% social sharing – nearly double than what titles without question marks experienced.

Would you consider posting your blogs on a weekend? Tell us in the comments!


Source: SearchEngineWatch