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4 tips for using linkedin for lead generation

Does your company have a LinkedIn profile? Do you use it for generating leads? LinkedIn has been going through massive changes lately, from the integration of CRM features to managing contacts and scheduling reminders; to the purchase of Slideshare and Pulse, a talent pipeline feature for recruiters; to the removal of “Top Trending” articles in favor of exclusive influencer content.

Along with your other social media accounts, LinkedIn should also be given the same amount of time and effort. From filling out the company profile completely, to joining groups, to posting original content, there is so much you can do on LinkedIn that will be a huge advantage to your company.

With help from Biz Journal, here are four simple practices that companies are still not taking advantage of for their company page on LinkedIn.

1. Fill out your LinkedIn company profile completely

Pay specific attention to the products/services tab – it allows you to upload custom header images, YouTube videos and sidebar promotions. Consider it a free ad space on your page to promote anything and everything that will help drive revenue to your business.

You can seed your product or service listing with keywords and phrases, making it a fantastic SEO tool to increase company page views and awareness.

2. Use InMail

LinkedIn has a feature called InMail, which has a strong integration with email inboxes. Open rates for InMail on LinkedIn are greater than open rates for typical email marketing collateral, and have high response rates. InMail gives you the ability to send a direct message to anyone on LinkedIn, regardless if you are connected with them or not. Remember that you need a good reason to connect with them and send them a message, it can’t just be a sales pitch.

3. Learn to use groups effectively

LinkedIn groups are a great way to build credibility and increase your sales with new leads. Start by searching for groups where possible prospects can be found.  There are many kinds of groups such as local trade magazines and vertical markets related to your products or services.

Many companies share articles that are related to their industry. Sharing articles that are thought provoking are a great idea because they allow people to show their opinion and it allows you to showcase your company’s expertise. Aside from sharing articles, don’t forget to take advantage of the “jobs” and “promotions” tabs and share relevant updates more often. The more a company shares, the more traffic and followers that group will receive.

4. Shift “how can I sell?” to “how can i provide value?”

LinkedIn is more than just a human-resources tool to hire individuals. It helps companies connect with prospects and create leads. Anyone who works in sales will tell you that the trick to sales is not to act like you’re the one selling the product. It’s best to share articles that help others instead of selling them. When a group provides value it will encourage the construction of relationships.