What is BrideClick?

BrideClick is the largest source of wedding traffic in the US. We have combined over 300 wedding specific sites, like yours, and have assisted them in monetizing their property.

What does "Above the Fold (ATF)" mean?

Banners that are Above the Fold mean they should be seen without having to scroll down.

Are there any fees to join the BrideClick Network?

It is free to join the BrideClick Network and we will monetize your traffic, bringing you more revenue! Doesn’t that sound exciting?

What are “House Ads”?

Since each of our campaigns have different limitations such as: daily max, geo-targeting, and frequency caps, we ask that our partners provide us with what we call a “House Ad”.  This ad will show on your site once the approved BrideClick campaigns have met their individual limits. You can provide us with an image & URL or a set of tags for the in-house creative or advertiser of your choice.

How can I sign up to the BrideClick Network?

Please submit your application form via this link. Once we receive your form, a representative will reach out to you soon!

Do I need to work with BrideClick exclusively?

We don’t request that our partners work exclusively with us, but our network requires our banners to be Above the Fold and have the highest priority!

How can I contact the BrideClick staff?

Having a hard time figuring out whom you should talk to? You can find our contact information in the Meet Our Staff page.

How do I earn revenue by working with BrideClick?

BrideClick will monetize your traffic and offer you non-traditional sponsored opportunities.

How does the BrideClick payment work?

BrideClick payment is sent net 45; this means that payment is processed 45 days after the month in question. For example, if you register to the network in May, you will receive the payment in the beginning of July.


If I don’t want BrideClick service anymore, what should I do?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, please give us a 30 day notice before you remove our tags from your site so that we can coordinate exiting process.