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Above the Fold Banner Impressions

We offer exclusive above the fold banners across BrideClick’s network of 300 REPUTABLE WEDDING SITES, reaching brides looking for wedding content, inspirations and recommendations.

Above the Fold and Guaranteed Viewability

Full campaign optimization and retargeting towards clicks and conversion goals

Geo-targeting - reach preferred DMAs, Fly or Drive Markets

Comprehensive tracking and optimization with conversion pixel implementation

above the fold digital ad banners

Follow Banners

The Follow Banner remains fixed on the sidebar as the user scrolls down the page

follow banner ad unit

100% Share of Voice

No ad competition

Increased visibility for a longer period of time on a larger creative

Ensures that your ad is seen as users scroll to read alongside relevant bridal content

In-Blog Video

This dynamic placement appears once our bridal audience scrolls down her favorite wedding blogs.

This ad unit is similar to a TV commercial. It allows advertisers to educate and influence brides in the heart of editorial content where the readers are most engaged.

Video pushes down the blog content and only plays when in the users’ view. There is guaranteed 100% viewability

brideclick in-blog video advertisement
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